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Biography - about Vesna

It is Vesna's goal to provide a positive influence on her clients' athletic performance. She has many achievements to her name and has developed, as the result of more than two decades in the field, a systematic approach to the needs of individual and team athletes in order to help them fully utilise their skills and abilities in the sporting arena. She believes that every athlete has greatness within and that it is only a matter of assisting the athlete during a process of psychological consultation for that greatness to be fully realised

Educational background

With a BSc in Psychology from the University of Zagreb and an MSc in Sport Sciences from Brunel University, Vesna has proceeded to work in the field to develop the core mission of her sport psychology programme. Under the tutelage of her mentor, Doctor Steven Pack of the University of Hertfordshire, she is in the process of completing her British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) Accreditation.

Relevant experience

During the completion of her MSc in Sport Sciences, Vesna worked extensively with an athlete who was training for the Marathon Des Sables. The athlete’s main issues were to do with the relationship between mood changes and motivation management during a highly demanding and gruelling training schedule. This experience is in accordance with Vesna’s dominant area of interest and she has used this expertise in the process of practical work assisting athletes with their motivation and mood management requirements and strategies.

Voluntary experience

As a volunteer, Vesna gained invaluable experience with two UK Sport initiatives, "Train Like an Athlete" and "Tall and Talented." In addition, she has taken part in the 2011 London Marathon, running to raise funds for "Make a Wish", a charity she has been involved with for the last five years. She is also actively involved with MENCAP as one of their leading assessors of athletes with mental handicaps aiming to compete at Olympic level. Vesna is currently on the list of volunteers lined up to help during the 2012 Olympic Games in London and she has also taken on a supporting role for the Mountain Muscle Warriors, a team from the University of Hertfordshire embarking on a Mt Kilimanjaro climb via the Rongai route in September 2011.

Vesna's approach

Vesna has a professional passion and enthusiasm clearly demonstrated in her work ethic. She approaches each athlete with the utmost respect for their tireless hard work and dedication. She considers both the mind and body in conjunction with the most recent research findings in sports medicine, nutrition, physiology and psychology. She actively promotes a multidimensional approach, aiming to work in close partnership with coaches, physiotherapists and nutritionists to help improve the performance of each athlete.

Who benefits?

Athletes who have benefited from Vesna's expertise have come from a number of different sports including golf, motor- racing, snowboarding and athletics. In her many years in the field of lifestyle and sport psychology, Vesna has learned that it is essential to focus on bringing the greatness of each individual to the surface and she recognises that cohesion and team spirit are essential to the success of every team.

This particular insight is carefully built into her "Performance in Sport" approach, aiming to draw out the absolute best in each and every individual or team athlete. By doing so, Performance in Sport is carefully developed in order to enable individual and team athletes to further develop their mental skills and abilities.

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Vesna Cramer

Motorsport, snowboarding, golf and althetics